I’m a postdoc at University of California, Berkeley, working with Dr. Joshua Apte. I recieved my PhD degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering from University of Washington in 2023. My PhD advisor is Dr. Julian Marshall. I received a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Engineering and a second Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Tsinghua University in 2017.

My research interest is in air pollution exposure assessment, including:

(1) sources and spatial patterns of ambient air pollution that people breathe, using both empirical and source-receptor models;

(2) Environmental Justice: how those exposures correlate with race and socioeconomic status;

(3) Environmental Policy: how to reduce those exposures and exposure inequalities.

I have experience in statistical machine learning, biostatistics, and geospatial data analysis. I also have strong experience in developing reduced complexity air quality model.

I can be reached at yuzhouw[AT]berkeley[DOT]edu.